Cards of Honor – Chapter 3

“I’ve heard how you talk about her.”

Yeah, Reggie, we all have a flow. Sometimes that flow flows upon others.

He might be Mr. October, but I’m Mr. Rocktober. Rocking till the break of dawn.

Everything that goes around comes around. We’re constantly putting the past behind us. Every second is another sec0nd we need to pick up and place behind us.

Reggie is a constant snake-eyes rolled. I slither around behind and hope no one notices.


A cold heart is the best defense most of the time. And Reggie had the icest cold of hearts.

I admired him for it and wished I could hold it in my hands like a baby duck. The bro just had it down pact.

Our days were longer than we had remembered. They stretched down beyond almost where we had forgotten. This was back to the beginning. But there was no time for that.

There was only time for a friendly nod then a return to the grind that had our jaw locked in place. We held hands and leaned into it.

[to be continued…]


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